Why Should Startups Care About Intellectual Property?

Often times “intellectual property” is among the last things that an early stage company thinks about, placing behind concerns about sales, marketing, revenue, growing the customer base, etc. However,intellectual property (IP) is among the most important and valuable business assets a company owns and protecting it should be one of top concerns for a young

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Do You Own The IP Rights To Your Tattoo?

It seems that wherever you look today you will see a tattooed body part. A recent survey revealed more than one in ten Americans admitted to having one. See ABC7News Article. 40 percent of adults aged 26-40 say they have one. Id. According to Ally Law member firm Phillips Nizer, “When something becomes as obviously popular

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Ally Law Member Firms Are Strong In Intellectual Property Expertise

Lawrence Yeung of Ally Law member firm Boase Cohen & Collins delivered keynote speeches on intellectual property protection to audiences of 200 industry professionals and enterprises in the major Chinese cities of Shenyang and Dalian. Mr. Yeung was part of a delegation organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the Law Society of

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Who Owns The Copyright To A Photograph?

Copyright laws and the vigor of their enforcement vary greatly from country to country. If you publish a photograph online, potentially distributed to thousands of persons around the world, do you own the rights to that photo?  Is it yours to do with or profit with as you will?  Or supposing your pet MONKEY took

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Publication Of Personal Information: What Are Your Legal Obligations?

The right to publish personal information, and legal obligations attendant thereto, is a global topic of discussion involving ethics and evolving legal mandates. Whether any such information, including photographs, is to be published on a public website, or in handouts to a select group of recipients, there are now legal implications not contemplated twenty years ago. In

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