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Corporate Governance, Legal Risk Management, And Your Company

The terms corporate governance and legal risk are much bandied about but hold different meanings for different people. Ally Law member firm Russell Kennedy of Australia notes that typical interpretations include: Minimising Liability – particularly steps to reduce liability and exposure. Accountability – improving accountability and transparency within organizations, particularly decision making. Risk management –

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Potential Effects Of A Trump Administration On Corporate Boards

Commentators are fundamentally limited to educated guesses regarding what a Trump presidency might mean for corporate regulation given that the president-elect has never held an elected office and appears to be nominating several cabinet officials without government experience. Based upon campaign comments about “disastrous” U.S. regulations, however, it seems clear the president-elect will takes steps

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Is The “Delaware Advantage” Right For Your Nonprofit?

Although most U.S. nonprofits are formed under the laws of their home state, it is common for experienced nonprofit attorneys to recommend a Delaware entity. Most U.S. and international practitioners are aware that a large number of U.S. incorporations take place in Delaware: as of last year, 66 percent of Fortune 500 companies were incorporated in

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