Publication Of Personal Information: What Are Your Legal Obligations?

The right to publish personal information, and legal obligations attendant thereto, is a global topic of discussion involving ethics and evolving legal mandates. Whether any such information, including photographs, is to be published on a public website, or in handouts to a select group of recipients, there are now legal implications not contemplated twenty years ago. In

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Nondisclosure Agreements In The Attorney-Client Relationship And Assuring Confidentiality in Business Relationships

Despite established rules and laws governing the confidentiality of attorney-client communications in most jurisdictions around the globe, some clients are requesting that their law firms execute nondisclosure agreements relating to legal representation. Are these contractual remedies necessary or advisable in an attorney-client relationship? Should an attorney execute such an agreement? In what business relationships are

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Conflicts Of Interest — A Sensitive Global Issue

In most countries, there are laws governing conflicts of interest pertaining to contracting and financial transactions with governmental entities. The level of scrutiny and enforcement varies from country to country. The issue rests upon the perception of transparency and fairness of process in the award of government contracts and deals. A recent Australia case contains

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