Publication Of Personal Information: What Are Your Legal Obligations?

Publication Of Personal Information: What Are Your Legal Obligations?

The right to publish personal information, and legal obligations attendant thereto, is a global topic of discussion involving ethics and evolving legal mandates. Whether any such information, including photographs, is to be published on a public website, or in handouts to a select group of recipients, there are now legal implications not contemplated twenty years ago. In Canada, thoughtful analysis of copyright, privacy law, and the duty of care are among the considerations that schools, businesses, and governmental entities should undertake before publishing personal information of students or employees.

Ally Law Personal Information

Ally Law member firms are experienced in internet law, privacy law, copyright, and education law. Consult an attorney at an Ally Law member firm to determine if your intended publication of personal information may infringe any laws or ethical considerations, and what is the most effective and legally-compliant method to disseminate any such information . For more information about our services in this area, contact us at yourally@ally-law.com.

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By Russell Kennedy.


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