Lipa Meir & Co.

Lipa Meir & Co. offers a full range of civil, corporate and commercial legal services. The firm is currently composed of 75 attorneys and is at the forefront of the business and legal developments in the State of Israel. 

Members of the firm are continually active in legal matters affecting individuals and companies from the United States, various European jurisdictions, Asia, Latin America and many other jurisdictions.

The firm has counseled in numerous, significant international and domestic deals, transactions and litigation cases, such as the debt restructuring of the largest HMO in Israel, the largest cooperative restructuring in Israel, major and cross-the-board debt reorganization schemes, several well- publicized acquisitions of publicly traded companies where the firm served as buyers’ or sellers’ counsel, IPOs, state-of-the-art financial product (Wall Street Type) investments, representation and rendition of advice to international and local clients (including the State) in large-scale national infrastructure transactions and projects, e.g. the sale of trains, power plants/turbines/solar energy installations and desalination plants and securing franchises from a number of international brands in the retail business.

The firm strives to be on the cutting edge of significant trends and developments in the business world, including advanced technology and manufacturing, taxation, e-commerce, intellectual property and Internet law, global telecommunications and large-scale infrastructure transactions and projects.

The firm’s diverse client base includes both private and public companies, prominent banking and financial institutions, investment houses, the largest HMO in Israel, insurance companies, multinational corporations, leading Israeli companies in the business of retail and wholesale distribution, technology and computers, telecommunication, media, PR, infrastructure and energy, land development and construction corporations, utilities and real estate, as well as governmental and other corporate entities, authorities, public bodies and Kibbutzim.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Founded: 1987
Member since: 2017
Lawyers: 86

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Lipa Meir & Co.
Amot Investment House
Weizmann 2
Tel Aviv 6423902, Israel
Tel:+972 03 6070600
Fax:+972 03 6070666


Gary Copelovitz
Partner/Head of International Department

Alon Pomeranc

Managing Partner/Head of Litigation Department